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Friday, 30 Jul 2010

This episode we discuss CFI refreshers, preparations for Airventure, Stupid student pilot tricks, poker runs and more.


Product Review:
Spot Satellite Messenger - http://www.findmespot.com

Featured Site:
Free online flight simulator

Emails from Sergio Palmero and Jonathan Whitehead about changing careers into aviation and using flight sims to maintaining proficiency while having to cut back on flying

Other Links: Idaho Aviation Association - http://FlyIdaho.org
Uncoordinated Flight Podcast - http://uncoordinatedflight.blogspot.com
Vans RV-7 - http://www.vansaircraft.com/public/rv-7int.htm

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Saturday, 10 Jul 2010

This episode PilotStu and Mike welcome Kent Shook, AKA @flyingcheezhead from the Pilotcast, and Adam Fast AKA @adamcanfly to discuss the FISKE VFR Arrival for Airventure 2010 in Oshkosh, WI.
Arrows on the tracks
Arrows painted on the tracks from FISKE to KOSH

Kent's Must-See Links:
http://pilotsjourneypodcast.com/images/pjp018/OSH10-simplified.pdf - Kent's OSH Arrival Checklist
http://vimeo.com/1484051 - Kent's video of flying the FISKE arrival from Airventure 2008 with Bill Williams and Troy Whistman

2010 Airventure NOTAM
2010 Airventure NOTAM

Flyabout Movie We also have an interview of Monika Petrillo, producer of the documentary film Flyabout which details her flight circumnavigating Australia.

Flyabout will be showing 5 times at Airventure 2010, along with several DVD signings and speaking opportunities for Monika. Get a detailed schedule at the Airventure web site.
Monika Petrillo at Airventure 2009

Other links:

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