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Saturday, 19 Feb 2011

N1505T In this episode, CFI Stew narrowly escapes disappearing from the FAA certificates database and Pilot Stu gives an update on Cardinal dings and his ground-bound and elusive Commercial ticket. Meanwhile Mike continues on yet another aviation adventure as he acquires N1505T, a 1966 Cessna 206 Turbo. (Notes of congratulations, envy or miscellaneous malice can be directed to
Velozia Air Velozia Air is primarily written and maintained by Fernando Montalvo. It is a great resource for aircraft accident news, facts, and opinions; expanded to include all the information the major news outlets leave out. Velozia makes sure not to leave out the details that help you understand what you need to know, how it affects you, how it happened, and why it’s important.

Velozia dissects the stories in detail and delivers an uncomplicated view of the procedures, technologies, aircraft, policies and more that affect flight safety every day. News outlets leave a lot out of aviation accident reports and often times they do not have a handle on the subject. More technical aviation and aerospace websites fill in the details, but fail to report in a manner that is easy to understand for the general public. Velozia Air fixes all that and brings you all the information.

WindTee The Pilots Journey crew congratulate Kent Shook, host of the PilotCast and legendary aviation trivia king for providing the winning answer to CFI Stew's challenge.

WindTee Altimeter The question was: What would you do if flying in instrument meteorological conditions and you experience a complete electrical failure? Kent's answer was to turn back towards the nearest VFR using vacuum instruments and compass until clear of clouds, then land in VFR conditions.

Thanks to all the listeners that participated! We'll have another contest for one of the incredible WindTee shirts again in our next episode.


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