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Friday, 6 Apr 2012

Pilot's Journey Live on Sun-N-Fun Radio
The Pilot's Journey Podcast on Sun-N-Fun Radio
(Left to Right): Jason Shappert (@mZeroa), Stu Stevenson (@PilotStu), David Allen (@DaveFlys) and Mike Daniels (@Mike_Flys)
Not pictured: Dave Shallbetter (@SnFRadioDave) - Grand Poobah of Sun-N-Fun Radio

Live, on Sun-n-Fun Radio, the crew hears from our good friend Jason Schappert of m0a.com on the presentations he gave at Sun-N-Fun 2012. We also talk with another good friend, David Allen, host of OtherPeoplesAirplanes and co-host of the PilotsFlightPodLog. Topics included affordable aircraft ownership, training hurdles, and much more.


Jason Shappert Jason is a flight instructor, author and entrepreneur in Florida. He presented several forum sessions at Sun-n-Fun 2012. He also has several great books for pilots - both students and certificated.

David Allen David is a true aviation enthusiast. Even though not a certificated pilot (YET!!), David has a ton of experience in aircraft of all sizes and shapes. He has also been a surprise camper at AcroCamp II.


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Show notes: http://www.pilotsjourneypodcast.com/pjp040
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