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Tuesday, 8 May 2012


Airsick Bags In this episode we hear about Stu's puker on a discovery flight. The crew discusses ways to counter act and "dequeazify" flying. Stu also describes a "failure to communicate" with another discovery flight student.

CFIT Video Mike introduces the topic of maintaining currency and the challenges that go with that, as well as a CFIT incident captured on video. In the video, a pilot gets lured into an impossible turn in rising terrain. There is also a short version here.

AOPA Air Safety Institute The AOPA Air Safety Institute has some great resources to help educate pilots about these CFIT risks. A video entitled 178 Seconds To Live gives us all something to think about. There is also a blog discussion on the video that's adds more insight.

The Institue also provides an excellent, free Mountain Flying Course online. It's well worth the time for anyone who does or may fly in mountainous areas. It could save your life.


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